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Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to work around life's schedule...

     We all know time and life never stop.  So if you are a parent who shares your child you have the struggle of not always having them when an event comes up.  So how do you work around life's schedule?  Well I am going to tell you...
  A few weeks ago was the annual lilic festival here and due to weather we just couldn't make it but being an inventive Dad I had a back up.  So every year I have brought Quinn to this great festival and when Kayla came into our picture she started going with us too.  We would all walk around and see the vendors and sights.  Walk though the very pretty lilic hill where they all are.  It really is nice and every year we get some fun pictures!  After we usually get some food and then do a few more laps of the area and then head out.

     When I became a single Dad over 5 years ago due to our divorce I realized I had to work around other schedules like her Mom having her and life in general.  So the reason for this post is because if you have children and you have them on different days then I hope this post will help you.  What I learned is just to do your best when it comes to single parenting.  If you don't have your child on a specific event or time frame where there is something fun going on, you can always do things to show your kids you love them and can work around dates and times.  If I don't have Quinn on Halloween we still go around to friends and families houses trick or treating the next time we have her!

     So because we couldn't go to the festival due to weather I still wanted to have our fun annual picture!  So before we took Quinn home Sunday we took a picture of her by a lilic bush at our house and it all worked out.  When you have to work around life you can still enjoy it!  For my single parents or families sharing their children do the best you can and if you have to be inventive do it!

     Below is our annual picture that we had to work around per we couldn't go, but as you can see we didn't get upset we just did this!  You can't let things let you down, if you share your time with your children never let them know you are upset, just do other things to work around life and smile...

     I hope this post helped and remember get creative!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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