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Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

     Happy Memorial Day Everyone.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day and if you had off I hope you enjoyed the day off of work.  Today we remember all those who gave their lives to serve and protect.  Always make sure you remember those who gave their lives to keep your country safe.  The men and woman who gave the ultimate sacrifice their lives.  Today I hope you took some time to think about those who can't be here and how the world is a better place.  How leaders that tried to hurt humanity are now gone.  There will always be people that want to hurt us for no reason or a reason they believe in.  There will also always be people that protect us and stop those who want to cause harm.

     As summer starts I so hope everyone has a wonderful and safe one, I hope where you live is safe and you are protected.  I hope you understand why.  You don't need a long post to say thank you.  Thank you to all who gave up their lives to take down the ones who want to hurt us.  Please take a moment to think and pray for those who are no longer here enjoying what we have.

     Happy Memorial Day.

Always Remember,

You are never alone...


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