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Friday, February 15, 2013

A very Special Wednesday

     What a special day we had on Wednesday.  Tuesday was my fathers birthday so on Wednesday we celebrated.  After I picked up Quinn we headed to my parents and had dinner with them and my brother.  We had a great time and dinner was excellent!  My Dad and Mom love when Quinn comes for dinner.  Quinn got my dad a cute dear she made for his birthday.  He loved it!  She sat on his lap for a cute birthday pic as well as helping him blow out his candles.  It was cute, she had so much fun.  After we cleaned up and My mom and I headed to church to get our ashes and my Dad and Brother had a scout meeting.

     Quinn my mom and I headed off to church.  Ash Wednesday is always one of my favorite services.  It reminds us all that we came from dust, and to dust we shall return.  This service starts Lent and the beginning of a big part of the year for the church.  Holy week will be in a few weeks and this is considered the kick off.  In the service we heard some great readings and Vicki our minister gave a wonderful homily.  I always loved this service because one of the readings was about not being so involved with things like your stuff, things that collect dust and rust and truly think about investing in your things in heaven.
     Now I don't push religion but I always feel that we should never worship anything on this planet that is just property.  Invest in your heart and spirit, live a good life and don't fight over small things like property or money.    My Dad always told us to be safe with our money and save, but always remember we can't take it with us so don't be cheap, spend it and have a great life.  Go on vacations, spoil your kids be happy.  I know we all work very hard and when a disaster strikes it is horrible, but always remember we as people come first.  If you and your family and friends are okay, the TV, computer, pictures or things can be replaced.  People put so much into their things and fight over stuff and even kill for it.  Some kids have been shot over their sneakers.  We just need to slow down and realize that when we die and turn to dust all that money, stuff even our property can't go with us...  Your spirit moves on, so invest in volunteering, being kind to your friends and family, do a good deed daily and be a better person for the world...

    Getting my ashes reminds me that the earth has provided me with a place to live and a good family and set of friends that love me, but it is also where I came from, we came from.
We came from Dust, and too Dust we shall return...

Never forget,
You are never alone...
Enjoy the pics!

Popi and Quinn

Quinn helping blow out the candles

Quinn got a doll for Valentines day! 

Oma with Quinn


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