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Friday, February 1, 2013

A Night Out With My Sis....

     A few weekends ago I went over my little sisters house to see her and her kids.  Now your probably wondering when I got  a sister.  Well we met in 10th grade and we have been close friends ever since.  We grew up together, went to Germany with our German class together and well honestly she always just watched my back.  Meg and I always stayed in contact but sometimes she would move away and we would loose touch.  In the end we always found each other and our friendship was always strong.

     Megan has to beautiful daughters, Samantha and Sophia, aka Sam & Sophie.  Sam is a little older than Quinn and Sophie is a little younger than Quinn, so when we went over for dinner all three of the girls got along perfectly.  Meg made us tacos for dinner and we all sat down and ate dinner and talked.  It was so much fun this was the first time the girls met and it went great!  After dinner we baked our dessert.  A chocolate cake with M&M's inside!  Everyone helped out and we had so much fun!  While the cake was baking the girls played and chased us around.  They had so much fun the night was a blast.  After we watched some TV and the girls just relaxed while Meg and I caught up.  Uncle Hughey came over later to hang out and catch up.  I will blog about Meg later, all I can say is she's always been just that great firend and little sister, I consider her family and when I tell people I'm hanging out with my sister they get confused because they don't know I have one...

     We ended up leaving after and can't wait to setup our next play date.  I'm so glad I got Quinn out to meet knew kids.  My little sis Meg and I have been playing catch up since we both have been busy with our lives the past few years.  Its just good to be hanging out again and with our kids being friends its just what I imagined growing up with her.

  We have some great pics to share!


Here are the girls! Sophie, Sam, and Quinn.  And my little sis in the background

They were so cute!

Here we are cooking!  Well at least the girls...

   The night was so much fun and can't wait for us to hang out again!  You will hear more about Meg my little sis as time goes.   Its just good to have my friend back and with our kids the same age now its awesome to just know that life is actually getting better.  2013 is my turn around year, its the year i work on not just Quinn, my home but also me...  This is gonna be the start to the comeback....  Just wait... You'll see...

Always remember,
You are never alone...

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  1. Comeback..........where did you go? Love and smiles and love you bushels! Aunt ro