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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The weekend update

     The past weekend I had Quinn was great.  Friday we just took it easy because we had a big day on saturday!  Hughey came over and we just watched a movie and had some snacks.  Saturday my parents came over to finnish up the bathroom.  We worked all morning and afternoon, I started to make dinner because uncle Kenny, Jake, Jenn and Dave were coming over.  I made stuffed shells and we had bread and Dave and Jenn brought dessert.  We had a great time and Quinn loved the company, later that night we just settled in as the cold surrounded the house.  We covered up and watched some TV.

     Sunday came and Quinn and I stayed in, we slept in and just relaxed.  It was so cold that weekend and Quinn and iI were just having so much fun just spending the day playing with her toys and just having time to hold Quinn.  The weekend yes wasn't exactly long but we did have so much fun.  Sometimes though I don't blog everything....

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Hughey and Quinn

Here we are eating dinner.

Uncle Kenny and Quinn


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