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Monday, February 25, 2013

The weekend update

     This weekend started off great, I picked up Quinn and we headed to dinner with Hughey.  After we picked up some movies and just headed home.  Fridays we usually just keep it low key.  Saturday my Aunt came over and took us out to breakfast!  Aunt Ro hasn't seen Quinn in a long time so she was very excited!  We went to a small place down the road, small restaurants are always my favorite.  The staff was so nice and everyone is just like family even though we never met...  We spend the rest of the day just hanging out, the weather is still cold out but it is warming up and it's either really cold or warm and wet...  

     Sunday my parents came over for a visit, my Dad and I had to fix one of the water lines down stairs.    It never ends when you own a home!  My rents got to have fun and enjoy Quinn.  After Quinn, Hughey and I worked on a puzzle.  Hughey spent the night and hung out with us that afternoon.  That afternoon how ever Quinn was very well she just wasn't having it.  She was just being a 4 year old i guess...  I ended up bringer her home a little early just because she wanted to go.  Some weekends are better than others I guess.  Over all it was a good learning experience.  Every weekend is different and I guess thats what makes life so interesting.  

Enjoy the pics!
Always remember,
You are never alone...

Aunt Ro had gifts from her trip!

Here w are doing our puzzle!
Look at it! All done!

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