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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Keeping the Faith...

            This past Sunday when I was in church listening to Vicki’s homily I heard something that really took  me by surprise.  She talked about a few different things that day but one of them was statistics of religion in general.  She told us she was in Boston with her husband and son having dinner when her son asked her if she was worried about the espicipal church. She told us, she told him she feels we are just fine.  She however told us that the most growing rate of people and religion right now is, “none”.  More and more people may believe in God she advised but they aren’t choosing a religion or attending a service.  Now as a single father and blogger I don’t push religion on anyone, but how ever I do like to talk about it.  I always felt that even though I am a Christian all religions are very important and good.  We have the right to choose our religion in this country, a gift that not everyone in the world has.  Even though the different religions have some variations I always felt the one common goal was to bring mankind together.  I always felt even with our differences then end is always to be kind to earth other and to make the world a better place.  Prayer, no matter the language or to whom you are praying to is about helping.  We may pray differently but we pray to help others, to end suffering and we pray to make this world a better and enjoyable place.

            In life I always feel that people that don’t go to church or believe in God will one day believe.  I tell people that everyone will pray one day, I think that many sometimes wait till their last breaths but when they know the end is near they start asking for forgiveness.  Maybe because they know its almost over, maybe because they truly start to feel the faith.  They say it’s never to late to ask for forgiveness.   I do feel however how this world has changed and become more commercialized it is harder to go to church.  Most stores are now open on Sundays and people are working more on those days then ever before.  I do feel we are getting to busy and the days of just sitting back and relaxing usually don’t come to often, or they come because you are recovering from the night before.  What ever the case is one of the reasons I love church so much is because of how good I feel when I leave.  I feel better, happier and just over all a sense of peace.  My church is one of my favorite places in the world to be.  I often go when its empty or quiet, I listen to the walls settle and the wood creek sometimes.  I believe there are spirits there and when alone I have felt a presence of them.  My church has helped me get through some very dark times, and sometimes go when its quiet to pray, think or even talk or yell.  No matter what I do I always leave with more peace than I had. 

            The other thing is how much my daughter loves going.  We wake up and now I don’t even have to push her to go.  She gets dressed and we head out.  She is so excited to see Vicki our minister that she will not leave until she gets a hug, she will open up her arms for Vicky even if she is 30 feet away!   I’m so very grateful to have such an amazing minister in our life.  I have met many religious leaders and they all have this special gift of being amazing people, but Vicki has something more, she helped me through my time of darkness so she is just that much closer to my heart.  The fact that my daughter absolutely loves her also makes me feel so special.  When the week is done and you see how much your child loves to go to church school and come up after with her crafts makes the emptiness of that week without her melt away.  Even tough I don’t see her everyday the joy of her running in and jumping on me while we sit and listen to the service makes me smile.  The church gets loud for a second as all the kids hurry to find their parents and hug them.  Showing them what they learned and made in class.  I guess I was surprised that the growing population for religion was “None”.  I however didn’t want to blog to say join a religion but to say think about the good they bring.  You don’t have to finish reading this and feel I pushed anything on to you, just remember that most people sometime in their lives will find them selves praying or asking for help.  If anything always try to do good and pass it along…

Always remember,
You are never alone…


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