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Monday, February 11, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Letting her know her own Room is okay part 2

     Last month I posted about how Quinn has not been wanting to stay in her own room and how she has been coming into my room to sleep.  I have to say the past month has been going very well.  She has been sleeping in her own bed in her room and even taking her naps there.  I have taken the time to explain to her how her room is hers and how she should feel special in it.  When she gets scared I go in and talk to her, and when the morning I do let her come in and lay next to me.  

     I found how ever the hardest part was just having to tell her that she just has to stay in bed and that was it.  It was hard she would ask if she could come in, or she would start to get sad but I told her she was safe and her bed was where she needed to sleep.  Being a single parent it is hard when you only see your child so much, when they get scared or sad it just breaks your heart...  

     Some tips to follow that I used that you may want to think about.  

        1) Explain to them how sleeping in their room is important and they need to do it.
        2) Work with them, let them come in maybe later in the night at first, or tell them if they spend the whole night tonight, later on in the week they can come in and sleep with you.
        3) Comfort them and make sure they are okay, remember we are adults but we were children to and it can be scary.  They are in a room by them selves and can get very scared easily.  
        4) Know that it is important to you to give them courage to do this because in life it will show them to be stronger.  That doing something that isn't easy and always the comforting way is the way out.  Also you need your sleep and sometimes having a child in the bed can disrupt that.

     They will grow up and they will not even wanna lay by us its just life.  So of course always let them from time to time.  Everyone has their own styles and everyone has their own tips so please always share!  I hope this post helps and always remember, they are our little special guys and gals.... Our special little angles...

Always remember,
You are never alone..

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