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Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Klondike time again.

     It's that time again!  The Annual Boy Scout Klondike.  Every year the troops come together and do different events, activities and have just a great weekend.  I have been running the speed ball event since I have been in High School.  It has been so amazing to come year after year and see the same kids grow up and come back.  I always love see new faces and its great to see the Klondike is going so strong.

     This year was extra special because we did a special dedication to the Veterans of our country.  We had Veterans from all different services and all different times.  There were some from WW2, the  Vietnam War, and the Afghanistan/Iraq Wars.  My buddy Hughey served two tours in Iraq so this was extra special.  When we arrived it was good to say hello to some of the Veterans I knew from church and just around.  My godfather Uncle Jim served with my father on the same Sub so it was good to see him.  All the scouts lined up by the cabin and the Vets all came out as the scouts saluted them.  As the Vets walked out the circled up around the flagpole and we had our opening ceremony.  After we had the flags raised my father talked to the troops about the Vets here today and Vets that couldn't be because the were to far, or because they gave their lives for us.  My Dad did such a great job of just talking about what they do for us, and that if you don't like the war going on you should still always give thanks to the Veterans.  He explain back when he was in Vietnam Vets weren't treated like they are now and that the community has been so wonderful and respectful to our Vets.  My father had some flags to be retired and had the Vets take a piece and put it in the fire.  My dad introduced each Vet and they got to say some nice words as they retired the flags.  My Dad also got to put a piece in.  After we took some pictures and started our events.

     Hughey and I worked the Speed Ball event and had a blast again.  Hughey has been working the Klondike with me now for a few years so its always fun to have him sit and joke with the kids.  The day was nice, it was in 40's and the Sun was out.  The kids had a great day, we had a lot of patrols come through and we had some great speeds.  Some of the young kids threw the ball over 50 mph!  We headed in for some lunch and had my Dad's famous chili.  We got to take a break and catch up with some of the other staff members.  The second half of the day was slower and as they ended we were out of snow!  We didn't have a sled race this year so we did a Tug of War!  The troops went against each other until there was just two, my old troop and another troop that had some big guys on it.  As they started I cheered and cheered for our troop and when the won it was exciting, I lost my voice, but it was worth it...

     I got to give out the trophies to the boys who threw the records and got to just tell the kids how it its been such a great many years doing the Klondike.  The past several years has been just amazing, I look back and can't believe I have been working it for about 15 years.  We packed up and headed home, everyone was tired and ready to relax.  When the day was all said and done I sat down and just remembered some of my favorite memories and some of the kids that came and are now grown by now.  I always loved the Klondike because as I got older I stepped down form scouting events but have always worked the Klondike.  It was a great year and with the Vets there the day was very special.  Always remember what our Veterans have given for us...

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember you are never alone...
Ken and I.

The Vets walk out.

Opening ceremony

Our amazing Veterans.

Getting ready for the ceremony  

Hughey retiring a part of the flag.

My Uncle Jim

Brian from out church was there with us.

Two Vets from our church that were in WW2.  John and Max.  They retired a large part of our flag and said some nice words.
John was in the battle of the budge.  A big turning point for the Americans.

Mary Lou threw a piece in for her late husband, a Vet.

Here are our great Veterans.  

Hughey and I at our station.  We actually did work hard...

Our annual picture, with my Dad and Brother.

My brother did the branding station again.  He has always been wonderful at it.

Hughey, myself, my Dad and Brother.

We started the tug of war!

Pull, Pull, Pull!

The closing ceremony.

     I had a great time with my fellow scouters and Vets, and just want to remind everyone that working with the past that has protected us, and the future that will be there for us is a very special and amazing thing.  I will always feel the boy scouts are a good organization and hope that the politics of the group stay where they belong.  I'm very proud to be and Eagle Scout and feel the organization will be here for a long time...

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