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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Because one Klondike wasn't enough...

     The boy scout Klondike was a complete success and now its time for the cub scout one!  Tom Rothfuss asked for some help on this one, he was helping run and organize it.  My Dad, Brother, Hughey, John and Mark (Tom Rothfusses boys) my self and Bill another friend all helped out.  

     The cub scout Klondike was a great time to show the youth how much fun scouting can be and what  to look forward to.  We had a lot of events and when we first arrived we started a fire because it was so cold that day!  John, Hughey, Bill, Mark and my self set up our events and just talked about the old days of scouting.  John, Hughey and I did a sled rescue event, and Bill and Mark had different animal calls and furs set up for kids to see.  As the morning started off and the kids came over, our sled rescue was setup and the kids had to get in the sled and pull them selves across the path.  The kids had so much fun.  Down the path my brother was doing branding and my Dad was cooking.  

     The day headed on and we had a lot of kids come through and the day was a success.  We had some lunch and then headed home.  Working with the cub scouts made me think back to when I was a cub scout and how much fun I had.  The youth of today will be our leaders tomorrow so it's our job to train them and make them aware of how important doing good is and doing good to others.  We will never make it until we realize how to work together and that we all can make a difference.  The scouts I worked with today will lead us when we are old.  They will make decisions for us and hopefully keep us safe when we are old...  

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here we are starting off!

The kids had a blast!

There's Kenny!

My Dad cooking.

Everyone was keeping warm, or trying to...

Here is John using our event!

I even gave it a try!

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