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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Night with Oma

     Last Friday Oma came over for dinner and to talk about the trip her and my Dad took a few weeks ago to California.  Kay got some pizza and we all sat down to eat.  Quinn was excited to see Oma and some of the fun gifts that were awaiting.  One of the gifts they got her was a fun board game!  It was like the game Sorry.

     After the game we took a trip to get some Ice Cream!  We took a drive down to the lake and ate our ice cream.  It was nice to just sit and relax while we talked and ate our dessert.  Once we finished we took a quick drive down to a park by our home and saw my Dad and brother!  They were there helping with a scout event.  He was so excited and surprised to see us!  The visit was short but nice, when we got home we just relaxed a little and then it was off to bed!

     The night was so much fun, but I know you will see this in the pictures!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Kay and Quinn

Oma and Quinn

Here is Quinn looking at her new game!

Time to play!

Kayla won!!!

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