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Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

     I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I took a few days off to get some things done and just relax.  Today is Memorial Day a very special day.  We remember all who have fallen and served in our armed forces.  Today there were many people out putting flags on graves and remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Please keep everyone in your hearts and prayers who has done this...

     Today was also special because I got to spend the day with Quinn!  We headed out and picked her up and headed out to some parks!  It was such a beautiful day I can't believe how perfect it was.  We went to about 2 different parks and Quinn had such a blast!  Later that day we headed over to my parents and had a nice dinner.  Uncle Kenny came and Aunt Ro!  We grilled out, played in the yard and just had so much fun over all.

     After spending the day outside Quinn was tried.  We headed back to her Mom's and then called it a day.  With having such a bad Winter this was such an amazing start to summer.  I hope everyone had an amazing and fun day today!

Enjoy the pics!!!

Always Remember,

You are Never alone.

Here she is, getting great exercise! 

Kayla and Quinn.

Quinn had so much fun!

Playing around at Oma's!

The great food!

Quinn and Aunt Ro!

It was great!

Uncle Kenny and Quinn!

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