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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Late Weekend Update!

     I took a week off from the Tuesday's Tip to post about the last weekend we had.    

     The last weekend we had Quinn we headed out for breakfast with Aunt Ro, Violet, Kay, Quinn and Peter.  We headed out to Denny's and had a great breakfast with some family members we don't get to see much.  The breakfast was nice and Quinn had a wonderful time.  Aunt Ro and Violet had so much fun with her.  Later that day we took her nap and then headed to a park!  Since it has been getting nicer out Quinn has been wanting to get outside and enjoy some exercise!

     As we ran around and played it was so nice to finally just be out of the house and enjoying some fresh air!  As the summer rolls on I can't wait to find some new parks and get Quinn outside more and more...  We have a big week to come and even bigger weekend!!!  I can't wait to update you!  Stay posted... Summer is finally here...

Enjoy the pics!

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