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Monday, May 5, 2014

The Weekend Shakedown...

     This weekend started off great!  I plan on splitting up the weekend in a few post.  Friday I picked up Quinn and she was just so happy to get weekend going!  We got home and had some dinner with kay.  After I introduced her to baklava.  A teammate from work who is Greek brought it in.  It was so good, Quinn however wasn't tune to it.  She said she will try it later as she gets older.  I laughed and said okay.  After dinner we just hung in and watched some TV.  The weather is still cool and wet outside.  Plus it rained all day Friday.  We just have to wait a little longer for this we season to pass.  I had to fix the old rocking chair this week.  A part of the back broke and Quinn was so happy we were back in business and she got to get rocked a little more before bed.  I know she is getting older and bigger now but even if i just rock he for a song or two before bed it honestly is one of my favorite things.  

     We did have a great rest of the weekend which I plan on finishing up with some more post so keep tuned! Here is the dessert Quinn tired!

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