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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Get ready for the Tantrums.

     This past weekend when Quinn came over we were getting a breakfast or lunch ready and she started getting upset.  Kayla and I have been really good at making different foods for meals and not just giving Quinn chicken nuggets or Mac & Cheese.  She got upset and started yelling and kicking. (classic tantrum)  We put our foot down and told her some options but that was it.  She picked one that we all agreed on and we sat down to eat.

     When it comes to kids always getting what they want, don't let it happen!  Give them some options some times yes.  Other times they have to realize what's for dinner is what we are eating.  If they get the notion they can just get what ever they want, ohhhh they are in for a big surprise!  We as parents have to learn to show our kids that yes there is variety in life but we have to also follow the rules.  When I was growing up my family cooked dinner and if there was something we really didn't like we wouldn't have to eat it.  Fish is my brothers, mine is any cheese on broccoli, I like broccoli now but still can not put any cheese near it!  When it comes to vegetables well that's another post.  When it comes to Tantrums well some kids may never have them and some may have them a lot.  I can tell you that you can fuel one by letting a child become to spoiled or letting them win.  In a world where we are changing so fast it is not easy.

     Here are a few tips for Tantrums...

1)  Try to stop them before they start.  Talk to your child about whatever it is you are doing at the time and think about options.  If you give some options it helps.  If there are no options to give then just still be firm but explain why. 

2)  If you can't see it coming and they throw one just relax and get ready.  Try to control them but let them vent a little and then talk to them.  If they don't cool down, right up to their room.  Don't get easy on them, put them in their room so they know they can't act like that.

3)  If you find you are going to be in that scene again before hand try to explain it.  If its a dinner matter before you drop the dinner ball tell them what's for dinner and if there are some options. 

4)  Don't use power of being a parent to always get your way this will only cause them to get upset.  You can say "I'm the parent and that's how it goes"  sometimes yes but not every time.  You want them to be happy and not always feel they aren't heard.

5) Almost most important, if you are out in public then stop it right away.  Take them home or give them one heck of a warning.  Let them know if they act like this around others it's game over.  If you leave they will learn you mean business.

     Kids have been throwing the good old tantrum for as long as we have had kids around.  Even adults throw them.  The best thing we can do is just learn how to deal with them and let them grow.  Raise them with rules but allow them to speak up and give their side.  I know there are many other tips on this subject and if you have any you feel you like feel free to share!  We just have to live and learn...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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