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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The rest of the weekend

     The rest of this past weekend was great!  Saturday Quinn, Kay and I worked on a puzzle, chuck even helped out!  It was the tail end of some colder wet weather so we stayed in just a little that day.  The puzzle was great because it was a larger one we finished a puzzle last year but this was a 100 piece one so it challenged her.  We did a great job and when we finished we all signed it and put it up to show!  Later that day we went to Kay's families house for a party.  We had so much fun and Quinn played with the kids there.  It was nice to see the family and the kids all playing together.  

     The next day we did some homework and did some cleaning up.  Quinn had some math homework and as she worked on it I noticed her writing is getting a lot better and as her homework gets harder she is doing a great job keeping up.  Sunday is a great day to honestly just rest and get ready for the week.  Quinn took a nice nap and caught up on some sleep.  I could tell she was so tired, poor kid.  She felt so much better when she woke up.    We dropped her off later that night and started the week again.

     As this month goes on I am excited to see what adventures come and as the weather gets nicer I am very excited.  Parks and playing outside will start.  I hope you enjoys the pics!

Always remember,

You are never alone...


Here it is! 

Getting started!

Even chuck joined in!

All set!  It looks great!

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