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Monday, May 19, 2014

Halfway there...

     Still waiting to update the weekend pic's I wanted to update everyone and let you know I am about halfway through my 3 month getting ready for summer program.  As you know I posted around the beginning of April talking about how the next three months are going to be getting ready for summer.

     Where I am today?  Well over the past month and a half I have been eating even better than I was and working out more.  Getting the right post workout drink mixes and just in general focusing  on doing it.  The past several years I feel I have been working out to stay in ok shape but now I brought it to a new level.  Now that we are about half way there I have been shifting gears and just getting more and more healthier.  I have had a few cheat days with some food but nothing big and with working out almost every day pushing heavier and heavier workouts I can finally really see results.  I have started working my core in a better format and routine as well.  Then next month or so will be my biggest challenge.  I will step it up to the final gear and just focus on really getting into shape and ready. 

     There are many stories about people that transform them selves in a 3 month period and already being in not bad a shape I feel I should be able to do this and finally be in the shape I want to. With my final month starting it is time to really focus on my core and doing things nightly even if I can't make the gym.  I hope to be ready by July... We will see......

Stay tuned!

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