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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Making sure they don't nap to much...

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     For a while now I have been posting about naps and how I still don't mind if Quinn takes them.  I am still a big believer they are great for kids but this weekend Quinn slept a little to long.  She was tired and expressed wanting to lay down to rest.  She went upstairs and before long we realized it was a few hours.  She did fine and that night she did go down a little later because she wasn't tired.  I find sometimes its so hard to say no or wake her because I know she gets up very early for school and then has homework and dinner and all the things we do.  Just imagine how tired you would be with out your coffee!  So whenever she gets tired over the weekend I can't help but let her rest because I know how busy she is and how little she is. 

   If Quinn has been good we let her sleep in our bed and maybe watch a little TV, other days she sleeps in her own bed and just plays with her toys before she goes down.  You don't want her to always be in your bed but having them there every once and a while isn't bad it makes them feel save and they will probably nap better. 

     So for a tip do the following:

1)  Let you child still nap but make it after lunch so they at least ate and its not to early or to late in the day. 

2)  Let them only nap for a hour or so, do wake them softly and let them know they have to get up now.

3) Let them nap still, kids need them never feel you have to force your child to be from sunup to sundown. 

4) If you are tired, nap with them, take some time to rest up.  After all you work hard to!

5)  Never let them feel bad for napping but let them know the older they get the less they will have.  Once they get older they will still sneak on in as adults still do but control the nap.  You don't want a tired kid on your hands because they didn't get one, or one that now can sleep because it was to long.

If you have other tips let me know!

Yes! Adults can take them too!

Always remember,

You are never alone...


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