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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Mid week break

     Tonight Kayla had to work late so it was just the munch and I.  We made some dinner then a little TV and bed.  We had a pretty normal night and brought me back to before Kayla where I had to fend for her.   Now with her help we work as a team but she did great tonight and even picked up her room and got ready for bed with no issues.

     So the night before Thanksgiving the big night to go out!  Yes I'm here blogging.  I can remember back in the day at college we would go out till late in the night and try to wake up early or try to at least for Thanksgiving.  Now I laugh as I am older and have a little one, the biggest night to go out,  I have the biggest reason to stay home...  How we grow and look back at what we used to do.  Getting up now early is something I do now and with Quinn being excited to enjoy the day with us I need my rest!

     So I say I hope to everyone going out tonight please be careful and safe for tonight everyone is going out and catching up but remember  to be safe and remember there are others on the roads and to get a driver if you had to much to drink.  Tonight the law is out for sure and looking to keep the others safe.  I do hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow I will be sure to blog too...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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