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Saturday, November 14, 2015

A fun day out!

     Today we had some friends come up from Buffalo to visit!  Kayla's good friend Amanda came up with her two kids!  We all went to the Jump Club for a bit and let the kids play and jump around!  Quinn's been there before and loves to go she also knows the place well.  Emma Amanda's daughter is just a bit younger than her so they had a lot of fun.

     After we went home and got some dinner and just hung out.  We played with Amanda's little new baby boy Gage.  He was so cute!  We all ate and talked and then hung out while the girls played and just had fun being kids.  It was good to see Amanda and Kayla catch up they have been friends for so long now so it was good to see them just catch up and talk.

     We had a fun day and it was good to see Quinn with other kids i know at my house it can be harder because most of her friends are at her Mom's, one of the harder aspects of being a single Dad.  However today was great and a win so I'll take it.

     Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here we are!

There they go jumping and climbing around.

Kayla with Gage!

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