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Sunday, November 22, 2015

A relaxing weekend

     This weekend came and went and Kayla's parents came to visit so we spent the weekend just relaxing and hanging out with them.  We don't get to see them much per they live about four hours up North and with the winer approaching we usually visit them one more time at Christmas then not till spring again.  It was nice on Saturday Kayla got to spend time with her Mom and I with my Father in Law.

     I always do love blogging about family even if i don't have pictures its so important to visit with them and see them.  Friday we all went to dinner and got something to eat and talked.  That night we just talked and caught up up.   Saturday we just hung out and watched some TV we did a guy trip to the Home Depot and just all around relaxed.  That night we had some dinner and then relaxed with a movie.

     The weekend was tough per since its getting cold and people are sick at work I had a cough that didn't quit till Sunday.  Ohh well its always something right...  Sunday her parents said goodbye and headed home.  The rest of the day we just keep it simple and relaxed.  My Mom stopped over for a bit because I haven't seen her in a while and my Dad was out of town hunting so it was nice.

    As the night ended I just sit now and get ready for the holiday to come!  I hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving, remember only about 3 days left!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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