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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Fun Day!

     Today  was a great day we got a lot done and had fun doing it.  We had some breakfast and got some cleaning done early.  Quinn has been doing a great job cleaning her room.  After I cleaned up the yard a bit.  (I will post about that mid week)  I also took down the patio table and chairs.  I took advice from my own tips and did thinks like mowed the lawn and just did some final cleaning up before it gets to cold.  I got some oil for snow blower which I have to empty out and put the new oil in.  The lawnmower ran out of gas as I finished which is great because now there is no gas in that.

     After the year was cleaned up Quinn came out and we kicked the soccer ball around!  It was a great day to get some exercise.  She did great and we had a lot of fun we played all different kids of games it was awesome because so late in the year its hard to get out as it gets colder

     After we ran and kicked and laughed we came in to rest and relax.  I was proud she did so well and ran around which all kids need.  Later that night we had some dinner and off back to Mom's house.  She gave us all big hugs and didn't want to go.  As she gets older I know she will have more say but its nice to know she loves our time and wants to be with us more.  I told her not to worry Wednesday will be here soon and we will have fun.

     So another weekend down and time rolls on.  Quinn is getting so big I still just can't believe it.  She is just such a good kid.   I hope everyone had a great weekend and hugged their kids...

Always Remember,

You are Never alone...


Here we go!

What a good goalie!

She stopped it!
Great day to be outside and play!

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