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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The driveway gets a lift!

     Well not a lift per say but kinda a asphalt job!  Went from a B to a C... No pun in tended!  

  Since I moved in 5 years ago I have struggled with the driveway because it is a single wide that opens up into two spots in the back.  Well with friends coming over and family and now Kayla living here I knew I needed more room.  At first we wanted to pave the area between the road and sidewalk where we have people park sometimes.  I learned however the town won't allow us to pave that.  So years went by and finally this year I went to the town and got a permit to get my driveway extended.  Widen that is about 7 or so feet.  The front part of the driveway from the sidewalk to about the house.

     After speaking with the town and sending my lot in with the check I got the permit this fall!  I then found a great guy to dig up the lawn, put stone down and pave it.  He offered me a great deal and it only took a few days.  He had to get the gas and water lines checked out first to make sure there was no issues then in one day his crew took care of the job!

     We are still letting it settle but should be on it by the weekend!  We are excited because we should be able to put a few cars there now and off the road or side area.  Come the middle of November till April you can't be on the street overnight.  Plus when Kayla's parents come to stay we have more room as well.

    So I would recommend doing this if you have a smaller driveway and look into paving in the fall sometimes the deals are better because you can't pave in the winter, well in up North states that is.

Here is the outcome!

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  1. LOOKs good, more snow and less mow..............LOL

  2. Tell me about it! well both cars fit so I'm happy!