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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Make sure you are ready for Winter!

     So with my final post telling you winter is pretty much on our door step my advise now is to get the final little things done!  The colder it gets the harder it will be and I think we are pretty much out of nice days so make sure you are now really getting ready!   Below are some great tips for those who live in the colder areas.  If you live down south I guess you just have to ask your self what beach to go to, boo on you!

Lets get started!!

1)  Get those leaves raked!  Yes I'm sure your yard is full of them and I bet they are probably not all yours either.  I know it sucks but if you don't rake them now it will just get harder as it gets colder.  Also leaves will ruin the grass and harm the lawn.  Some places will allow you to put them all piled up at the curb, do this now!  Once done a few may fall but you will have a nice looking yard and won't have to deal with them in the spring too.

2)  Make sure your storm windows are now down and your screens up!  Winterize your home to get ready anything left like sealing up cracks or small hoes in the basement. 

3)  Very important if your furnace is not on yet make sure you turn it on!  Just to at least make sure it works!  You do not want to find out it's broke when you really need it!  Change the filter and have someone clean it or check it if its been a while or is older. 

4)  Once the leaves are raked think about mowing your lawn one more time to get the grass short, then also let it run and get all the gas out of it.  You don't want gas sitting in the tank over the winter. 

5)  Make sure you have snow removal!  If you have a snow blower, start it up, and get it ready.  Change the oil put gas in it, anything it needs to be ready for that snowfall.  It will be approaching fast! 

6)  Make sure your cloths are swapped out.  Pull out and wash all your winter gear, its being sitting all summer so make sure you clean and wash them.  Put away all the summer cloths and tell them you will see them later.

7)  Make sure you can find all your important winter cloths!  Hats, gloves, your jacket, scarves all this.  I know it sounds odd but you may have forgotten where you put them all!  Make sure they are all in good standing and buy new things if you need them. 

8)  Don't put the grill up yet!  One of my personal favorites, just because it's winter you can still grill!  I love grilling in the winter just be safe when you do it. 

9)  Have your car serviced, an oil change, tire rotation and all around check is great before the big winter months hit.  Make sure you're car is in good shape and that the tires are as well. 

10)  Most important, embrace it!  Go sledding, have fun in the snow, cuddle up and have movie days.  Catch on just keeping warm and sharing a blanket and some Pop Corn as the snow falls. 

     I will make sure to put out some great winter tips on being safe and having fun as well so stay tuned for those!  Have fun this coming winter!  Remember most important it will not wait for you to be ready!  Get ready now and when it comes you will be happy you did.

I hope the following tips helped always feel free to add some.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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