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Monday, November 30, 2015

Review 10: Movie, Recess: Schools Out.


 We all have some of our past kids shows we loved to watch growing up.  I was in High School when it came out but still enjoyed a good cartoon here and there.  One that made me bring back my youthful days epically were encouraging.  A cartoon about kids and how they spend their adventures on the playground.  Getting into trouble or the mysteries they uncovered.  I was a bit older but still saw some of them and remember liking the show.  A little about the show, well the show started in 1997 and is about 6 fourth graders ranging from 4 boys and two girls.  as they spent their time on good old Third Street Elementary.  The show had 6 seasons and went from 1997 to 2002 an impressive run for a cartoon if I may add.  They had two movies, Schools Out and Taking the Fifth Grade.  There were some other smaller unrelated episodes like All Grown Down and a few Christmas ones.

     Being off the beaten path of why I reviewed this, well as it makes the fifth year of my Ex and I being apart and Quinn now living in two homes I look back to when I first moved out.  Five years ago I had a new home and new start.  I was still adapting and making the place comfortable and I got a TV with a video cassette player in it.  This video was one of the first ones we bought and I showed Quinn.  The movie it's self gets a great review seeing how its a funny and interesting.  The kids all go away for summer except one who finds there is an experiment happening at the school.  He has to round up all his friends and figure out what is going on and together with other kids and the teachers stop the bad guys who are trying to actually ruin recess for all schools!  The video is really funny and like I said has a great story line.  One of the things that makes it so special is just how we started off.

     I can remember just wondering how I was going to do this all.  I had some great ideas and we di go places however some days we just wanted to hang in and relax.  I would play the movie for her and she would just love it, we would watch it together and just relax or even nap a bit.  She would sit in her little pink chair and have a drink and I would be on the couch next to her.  When the winter came and we would be outside a bit I knew after she would love to come in, warm up and put this movie on.  The movie was one of the first pieces of entertainment I had to help us both with the winter and this new lifestyle we now had.  As time went on more movies came and went but this one never left our collection.  In fact the tape broke at one point.  I actually loved it so much I got another VCR one online! 

    So as far as reviews go well every parent holds a few pieces of treasure that they have for their kids.  This video will always be one for us.  It marked a time when she was very little and I was there in this house alone wondering what to do.  Now she has Kayla as well as I and more toys, plus being more independent she has learned to live with both houses and has grown so much.  I am so proud of her.  However for a brief time there was just us and the few movies.  One being our favorite  Recess.

     I hope everyone has a special video or possible show they have with their kids.  Remember TV or movies can bond and strengthen us.  It's good to get outside but sometimes relaxing with a good movie can bring parents and children together.   Quinn has since grown and found new shows we both like to watch however Recess will always be one of my favorites and key parts to our adventures we started so long ago.       

     I hope everyone enjoyed this review on not only a great movie, but something single parents should have.  A bond that helps them get started.  Every single parent starts over and they may feel scared or alone.  

However always remember...

You are never alone...



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