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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Getting ready for Thanksgiving


     Thanksgiving, one of the holidays that allows us to relax, eat, and be with family.  Tip one. Get Alcohol...  I'm teasing, to a point...  So as the day approaches I have a few tips for all you single parents out there and even non parents as well.  I hope as everyone sits down to enjoy time with loved ones you remember there are many without this year.  Many serving for our country, others even working just because they can't get off.  However think of the many that are alone or with no home.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers for as you enjoy all you have be mindful.  I have a friend who long ago told me they celebrate "Takesgiving"  He was part Native American and said "yea, you took it all"  My wife, who is 1/2 Native laughs, then says "yea you did"...  So what ever one you celebrate be with loved ones. (I'll probably hear about this post now from the wife lol)

     1)  Get ready early!  If you are hosting make sure the house is ready, cleaned up and set to go.  Now most can do this Wednesday however getting started sooner is better of course.

     2)  Make sure everyone knows what they are bringing if you advised them to bring something, and remember if you are going someplace to remember to bring you're dish!

     3)  If you need to go to the store to get food or supplies do it now!  Do not go tonight or tomorrow night!  If you go tonight it might not be to bad, try to even go later.  Tomorrow however the day before will be busy!

     4)  If you are cooking a Turkey, or other large piece of food.  Make sure its thawed!  Do not start tomorrow.  Something like a Turkey fully frozen will take up to 3 days to fully thaw!  Cooking a frozen Turkey is not advised, unless you can stop time...  It will take so long and now cook well either.

     5)  Enjoy the day, if you have your kids this holiday enjoy them!  Play and laugh with them, don't ignore or do other things.  Sit with them even if your all just napping after the big feast.  Remember single parents we don't always get our kids every holiday so make sure you enjoy the ones you have.

     The rest of the day is up to you.  Remember be safe, most fires happen on Thanksgiving so mind your oven and just overall enjoy the day and be with your loved ones.

Always remember,
Be Thankful, and that you are never alone...


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