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Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday, is it still on Friday?

     Well today has come and almost gone.  The big Black Friday, the term was actually used because the stores do most of their sales and biggest sales today.  With big deals and long lines stores used to open at 5 AM and be open till late in the night.  I can remember on Thanksgiving we used to look at the ads and the papers and check out the deals.  We would talk to my Aunt who used to get up really early and do the black Friday shopping!  She would go with some friends or alone sometimes and I can remember telling her shes crazy for getting up so early!

     Now she seems like she sleeps in late per todays standards.  So as of a few years ago now stores are opening Thanksgiving night!  Yes we can't even make it to Friday!  I remember stores started opening earlier and earlier and now this!  A few years ago I worked at Target just for a bit and I worked Thanksgiving night.  It was crazy!  The lines were out of control, people standing in line hours before they opened!  When we got set and the doors opened it was just a mad house!  Of course the people just rushed in and went to the electronics.  I can remember working till about 2AM and just being so tired.  So many people just running around and looking for stuff and all the deals.  I got home and went to work the next day, I don't know how but I made it.

     As years went on I always worked Black Friday, well my main job that not the crazy night!  I only did that once, it was an experience I will admit.  So that brings me to this, what happened?  We now live in a world were stores just have to open that early, on the actually holiday!?  People standing in line days before the opening night waiting and waiting for items?  There were people waiting outside for 11 days!  Really?  This is what we are now doing?  Is Black Friday still fun anymore?  I can remember people getting their ads and deals ready meeting up and going.  Now they leave their families house and wait in line that night!  Personally I don't know, lots of people shop online now too however I personally feel the energy of Black Friday is going away with stores open on Thursday.

     Either way the world is changing I guess, last year Kayla and I went to Target to get a small TV.  This year I stood my ground and we didn't go.  So the day closes out and now the holiday season starts.  the countdown begins and now you can put on holiday music!  So as the next season starts I hope everyone enjoys the days and nights and make sum holiday fun!

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