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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Sandbox: The goodbye...

     For years now we have been going to The Sandbox!  An indoor playground gym that I found when I started off on my own.  I would bring Quinn a few times a year and even did a review on them!  I have many post about going and as Quinn grew older you can see how bigger she has gotten and started to out grow the gym.  They gym is for babies up to about 7 yrs old for kids.  Quinn being over 7 I figured we would do one more trip and say goodbye.  They have always been very good to us and have changed over the years.  For the better, making the facility fun and enjoyable.

     They always keep it very clean and took out a lot of things that kids didn't use or play with or toys the may hold germs.  They replaced them with other fun toys and bounce houses.  They also don't charge adults which is also great!  Quinn and I danced a bit on this great floor that has lights and games.  Quinn did some jumping in the bounce houses and climbed the bounce slide stairs and came down.  As I watched her I laughed I can remember her as a little one trying to make it up those stairs and now she did it with ease.  How they grow so fast.  We did some other fun activities and then said our goodbye's.  It was a great afternoon and after 5 years I just smiled and thanked great places like that for all they do.  So this chapter closes out and new ones start.  The journey moves on and I'm sure I will be back because Kayla and I do want some kids.  She was working that day but understood that I wanted to bring her and she was happy I got to take her one more time. 

     I wasn't sure what I was going to do with Quinn when I first moved out, the sandbox was one of the first places I found and it has been awesome.  So as she now moves on to bigger play places and new adventures but we never forget the fun times we had.  I wanted to thank them so much for just being this awesome place and for all they do to keep it interesting, clean, fun and just a great safe place to bring your kids!  

Below are some pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


New jumping areas!

The dance/game floor!

Look how nice it looks, they do such a great job keeping it clean.

This ladder used to give Quinn trouble, now look at her go!

Some air hockey!

Here we are, saying goodbye!

She tried to get in this car and got stuck, it was quite funny. 

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