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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Restoring the Floors

     When I first moved into my home over 5 years ago there was carpets almost throughout the house except the bathrooms, kitchen and downstairs bedrooms.  I knew I should take up the carpets in the dining room at least but I moved in and just had the bedroom hardwood floors refurnished.  As time when on I cleaned the carpets as best I could but I knew they were taking a beating pretty badly.  This past few weeks we just finally made the call to pull up the living room and dining room carpets.  The house is very old and we know there were nice hard wood floors beneath however the shape of them was not clear.

    So we got some tools and an area rug for the dining room and came home and just went in and started tearing them up!  My parents came over and helped us out and took the carpet away to which was so nice of them!  As we started tearing the carpet up we found the floors were in pretty good shape.  The floors are the small wooden pieces may 1/4 inch wide and all the nails were hand put in per how old the home is.  The kind of work you just cant get anymore, or will pay for to say the least...

  As more carpet came up more of the beautiful hardwoods were showing.  We were so excited because the floors were in good shape but also just to get the old carpet up.  Carpets can carry dirt and other things you just don't want to walk on.  Even if you steam them over time you just need new ones or go with hard woods.  I was just happy to get it all pulled and taken out.  We made sure any staples and the edging was pulled and we cleaned them a bit.  It was one heck of a day but its done.

    We had an apt with my flooring guy and we took all the stuff out of the rooms and placed them in other areas of the house.  We ended up taking out the couch and love seat and just went and got new ones.  They were about 6 years old and needed to go, they did a good job but it was time for new furniture.  Kayla and I spend a few days at my parents house last week as they sanded and started working on the floors.  It was fun to be back in the old house where I grew up.  My parents did a lot of work to their home so it was the same but still a bit different...

      Within a few days they were done and looking amazing.  I couldn't believe how they came out, this kind of hard work is just priceless.  Hardwood specialist are very valuable they just can turn a room around.  We put back our downstairs and the new furniture came and we are just waiting to get the area rugs down.  We need some time to let the floors fully dry and set.  I can't tell you how happy we are.

     So why am I blogging about this, well I would tell anyone to just do this.  If you have carpets please look at them.  Over time they can carry things that can hurt you and your family.  Your kids also may crawl around on them and if you have pets all the hair and dander gets trapped at the bottom.  Yes the area will be a bit louder per the carpets add a layer of sound proofing but the results are just amazing.  Below are some pics from before and after, if anyone was wondering if they should look into this I would say at least get some prices.  You can tear up a small part of your carpets to see if you have hard woods beneath.  Any home that is old will mostly have them.  With some manual labor and getting a good flooring guy you can just have a room flipped to a new one in days.

     We are just so excited and yes I wanted to add this is also why I haven't blogged in while.  With this set and done I am back in business!  I hope you enjoy them and any questions let me know!

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