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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Going to the Bounce House!

     Not to long ago Quinn was invited to a birthday party for a classmate and it was at a bounce house in town.  I was excited to bring her because this was a new place and I wanted to see if she liked it.  Also I couldn't wait to see her classmates.  We arrived and she got right to business, finding some of the giant bounce houses to slide down and run through.  This place was different than other places we went to in the past because it was just so big.  The bounce houses were bigger than I have ever seen!  She was so good and played with all the kids.  As I followed her around I watched her enjoy the day and just be a kid.  She didn't have to worry about school, or work she was free and clear of responsibility and all she had to do was be a kid...  I often think back to the days when my world was different for me running around with my friends, playing games and just being a kid.  I let her have and just enjoyed her because I know one day she will have to work and I just want her to enjoy her youth.  

     After a few hours we went upstairs for pizza and cake!  We all ate and hung out while the kids eat lunch.  We sang happy birthday and then enjoyed our cake.  After we went back down to pay and jump around again.  Quinn went down some really big slides, I really wanted to slide down with her!  We ended up going home after and enjoying the night in.  I will have to check it out again sometime, what a fun place!  

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Here we go!

WOW, look at this place!

There's my little girl.

Look at this big slide, I didn't know they made them this big!

She did such a great job climbing the wall.

Down she goes!

They even had a small section to just play with regular toys.

They had a maze too!  This maze was so big I couldn't get it in the shot!

Lunch Time!

Time for Cake!

Some more pics of the giant jump house.

As you can see this place was big!