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Sunday, June 1, 2014

A weekend away...

     The weekend has come and gone again.  This past weekend we went to Kayla's parents house.  We left on Friday after we got the munch and headed up.  The trip takes about 4 hours but we made it and Quinn did great in the car.  Saturday we got up and had breakfast, Quinn was so excited to be visiting.  She at well the who weekend, that morning she had eggs, toast and sausage!  Later on in the day Kay and I had a wedding to go to so Kayla's parents got to take her out and spend some time with her.

     The wedding was so nice, one of Kayla's good friends form school got married so it was nice to meet some more of her school friends.  Later that day we got back and just hung out at the house.  Quinn just chilled with her Dad as we sat outside and talked.  We put some burgers on the grill and had some dinner.  Later we went over to Kayla's Aunt's and Gramdma's house for a game night.  Quinn had fun playing some of the games and just had a good time with Kayla's family.

     The next day we got up and made some breakfast, we just took the morning to relax and hang out.  I got to spend some time with Kayla's brothers and her Dad out by the garage.  Quinn then came out and we started kicking around a ball.  Trying to get her ready for Soccer!  She starts that soon!  We packed up and then headed back home.  It honestly was a such a great trip.  Quinn really loves Kayla and she does such a good job helping me with Quinn.  When I need help getting her ready or feeding her or just playing Kayla is just so wonderful.

     I feel every day I see Quinn we just bond so much, I think we just get closer and closer.  So here we are again Sunday and getting ready for the week...  This week however is going to be big and full of adventures!

The only thing I forgot this weekend..

The camera!!

I will make up with some awesome pictures...


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