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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

     I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day!  Today we got up and headed to church.  It was nice my parents were there.  We also called and spoke with Kay's Dad and Mom and caught up a little.  After we got some shopping done for our cookout and cleaned the house.  Kay has been helpful she helps with Quinn while I get other things done or vise versa...  Another set of hands around the house really does make a big difference.

     My Aunt, Brother and Parents all stopped over and we got the dinner ready.  My Aunt and Mom brought some dishes over and we made corn on the cob, mac salad and grilled chicken.  We all sat down and had a wonderful meal.  It was good to catch up and just have Quinn.  After we gave my Dad his cards and gifts.  Then we had some cake and relaxed in the family room.  Quinn then went outside and Quinn showed us her Soccer moves she's been learning.  It was nice tonight because I did get Quinn till 7:30.  I did ask her Mother if i could have her overnight but having her later is better than nothing.  Quinn was cute she wanted to stay, I told her when she gets older she can, she will have more rights.

     I hope everyone had a wonderful day and I hope all the fathers got to see their kids!  I know some Dad's may have had to work and I hope you still go some time or time in the future or past to have celebrate.  Dad's do so much and I can't thank my Dad for all he does.   Dad's are special people...

Always remember,
You are Never alone...

Enjoy the pics!
Happy Father's Day!

My Brother, Dad and I

Quinn and her Dad!

Three generations...

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