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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesdays Tip: Sun Protection

     It's that time again!  Time to be mindful of the sun!  As the Summer Sun gets stronger remember how much damage it can do short/long term.  The UVA/UVB rays can not only burn your skin they can cause skin cancer if to much happens over time.  Now of course a little sunlight is good for you but just keep in mind what area are usually out in the sun a lot... 

     Your face is very important and a sunburn there is not fun, many people don't cover it b/c they don't want sunscreen on it.  Make sure you put a little on and use sunglasses, a hat and make sure your nose and cheeks are protected.  When it comes to the Sun we can be outside all day and not know the damage until the night falls and we suddenly find our selves burned.  One of the problems is we don't understand how damaging the sun can be because young people think nothing can happen to them. When it comes to kids, always make sure they are covered a sunburned child is not a fun child.  Babies should only be in the sun for a very short period like moving them or things like that.  They should spend almost every second in the shade or in a protected area out of the sun.

    Quinn let's me put sunscreen on her when we go out because she understands how important it is and how a sunburn can be very painful.  I hope as she grows older she will continue to keep her self protected from the dangerous rays.  My self, well I usually put some on my arms and face and let my back go a little bit, I don't tan easy but I do watch how long I am in the sun.  Also watch were you are in the world.  Some places further south the suns rays will be more dangerous and direct.  You can burn faster and the burn can be more intense.   As I wrap this tip up very simple follow the picture below.  Cover up, war sunscreen and seek shade, have fun in the sun but know the dangers.

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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