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Monday, June 9, 2014

Perfect time for the World Cup!

     Quinn started Soccer!  She plays Tuesday's and Thursdays!  She is currently practicing and just getting to know her teammates.  Her coach was very nice and so far she only had one practice!  The kids all ran around and just got used to what the game was and the rules.  Quinn did great, she was shy at first but she warmed up and did just fine.  The coach showed the kids how to kick correctly as well as block shots.  I think this will be amazing for Quinn to not only get some great exercise but maybe find a sport she loves.

     The next night Quinn practiced in our back yard and played around with her new ball we got her.  We worked on different things and it was just so nice to see how excited she was to keep playing.  She only had one practice so far but she will be  back this week!  I can't wait to keep you posted!  

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here she is!

Playing Freeze Tag!

She stopped the goal!!

It's always great to end with a cheer!!!

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