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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

     Today was Kaylay and I anniversary, our one year.  I didn't blog to much about her because well for single parents it takes time to open up and even date.  Ever since we met and she moved here my life has changed.  She has been so good to me and Quinn trying to date in the past since my divorce was something I and many single parents struggled with.  Kayla not being the first person I dated after the divorce but I've come a long way and honestly I was so very close before I met her on just giving up.  I can't tell you honestly how close I was.

     Quinn opened up to Kay and ever since she has just fallen in love with her.  She listens to her and Kay is so amazing to her.  When you look for love honestly sometimes you look for someone who is better to your child than anything else.  I can't ask for someone better than Kay...  

     Today Kay had to work so I watched the munch and got ready.  That night I got a sitter for a few hours and made Kayla a nice pasta dinner!  I made a salad and pasta bolognese, and we had some bread and then I made us sea salt, Carmel brownies with Carmel vanilla shakes!  We had such a great dinner and exchanged are cards and gifts.  The night was amazing and spending with the person I love made it a perfect night...

Happy Anniversary Kayla, I love you so much.
 Always remember,
You are never alone...

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