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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Never forget you're doing a great job!

     Every since I became a single parent I always wondered if I saw Quinn enough, if she loved me because we didn't split her time up like we should.  There were some times she wanted not to come, or to leave early but over the past several years she has been showing so much love.  I tell my self to just do the best job I can...  When I go to her events I just see her face light up and how excited she gets.  Kids understand for the most part what a separation is and if you just do your best and love them that's all they care about.  Even if you punish them they understand...

     When I showed up for her school events and games she just gets so excited and afterwards gives me the biggest hug.  We as parents just have to show were there.  It takes a lot for a child to finally see their parent doesn't want to be a part of their lives.  Even after one slowly drops out they still show love.  A child's love for their parents is unbreakable.  So when you feel sad because you miss an event or a game don't worry.  Just be there for the next one.  Show up for as much as you can and they will understand.  If anything to my single parents out there, your doing a good job...  There will be some tough times but just keep pushing through.  The older the child gets the more they will see what is going on.   Remember two things that make a good single parent.

1) Raising your child in a good manner and getting them ready for life.

2) Never letting them see your struggles or anger when you struggle.

Always remember...

You are never alone...


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