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Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome Summer!

I usually like to welcome every season and with Summer here a big one I give at that!  The past few months of cold and rain I hope are finally over.  We have had some very nice weekends and even some warm ones.  I do hope this summer doesn't bring to much annoying humid weather.  Last year we had a good solid week of it and some other days that weren't fun.  As our summer starts I do hope everyone will be getting outside and enjoying the nice weather.  Have some fun, I plan on getting Quinn outside and getting some fresh air.  We also have some work to finish on our house so I hope to get that done. 

     With summer also comes the hot weather and sun.  Be sure to be safe and wear proper attire.  You can burn easily and as you get older it will catch up with you.  For all my parent readers make sure your little one is save and not in the sun to long.  Kids can burn very easily.  Make sure to take them out and enjoy the nice days too.  I plan on taking Quinn out a lot and there are a few things we plan on doing.  I won't spoil it however... 

So I say Welcome Summer!  We hope you stick around and are good to us! 

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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