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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cup Fever!

     Well the World Cup is in Full Swing with many Countries playing about 2 games looks like we have a lot of upsets.  With USA playing tonight with only about 30 seconds left Portugal scores and ties the game.  It was a very good game and with many left the US is still in the hunt.  With all eyes on Brazil and this event once every four years I do enjoy how the world does come together.  Being a special year because the Winter Olympics happening it was a great for the world to come together in sports.  The world cup is an amazing event because Soccer or whatever it is they call it is one of the worlds favorite sports.  Every country loves the sport and is played almost everywhere.  During the games there are pick up games all over with people from all over just playing in fields and streets.

     With many more games to be played I can't wait to see how this goes down!  Even if you don't love the sport i would try to catch a few games!

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