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Monday, June 16, 2014

My little Graduate

    Not to long ago my little one had her graduation for her K-Wrap program, that is her after school program.  They had a dinner and then show after, all the kids had so much fun.  When I arrived Quinn was so excited I made it, it was so cute she actually handed me some of her food b/c the line was so long.  She is such a good kid... 

     Once was ate we all headed down for the show.  The kids were introduced and did some fun intro dances.  Then they danced to some songs and broke up in their AM/PM class and did a cute play.  The kids performed some one lines and made everyone laugh.  Quinn did so good, she didn't show nervousness or was shy at all.  When they finished they then were given their paper and even got to toss their caps! 

     I am so proud of Quinn, as she starts first grade this fall I know she will have a big road ahead.  I know she will be ready and will do just fine.  It's really cute they do things like this for the kids.  It shows them how special they are and what they get to look forward to in life.  Little things like this go so far.  Being a single Dad I was so proud of her, I know it is a struggle to have two house holds and not be around both parents every day.  She has grown and gotten to become this little girl that is getting so big now.

     I would tell any parent to go and make sure you show support for you child.  The look in there eyes when you show up is priceless.  The more you are there for them on these days and events the better it is for both...

There she is! 

Her class

Just dancing around...

They did the YMCA!

Getting her paper!

My cute little girl.

Enjoy the pics!
Always remember
You are never alone...


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