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Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Family BBQ

     This past weekend we had all our family over for a cookout.  It was nice because Kayla's family came into town and stayed the weekend with us.  Her family came into town Friday and left Sunday so it was nice to have them the whole weekend.   Saturday we got up and Kayla with some family and a good friend went dress shopping.  So Matt and Kayla's Dad hung back and started getting dinner ready.

     This time around I did smoked BBQ ribs again.  I made some changes this time to make it easier and they came out great.  Matt did a great job helping me out and just being there when I needed it.  The ribs took a while but I made smoked ribs and oven ones.  It was good to BBQ again because its relaxing.  Seeing my work done and all the time i put into it is really awesome, which is why I love cooking.  We also cooked up some potatoes and onions and had other dishes as well.  We all sat around and ate and talked.  After dinner we just relaxed and had some stories and laughs after.

     Sunday we took the time to just relax and take it easy.  We just did some small cleaning and enjoyed the rest of out time off.  We had fun but needed some time to just unwind and relax!  The weekend was finally ending and a new week will start.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I will sometime post my BBQ Ribs.  I hope you like the pics and had a great weekend as well!

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Here are the Smoked BBQ Ribs!

The Oven Bakes fall of the bone ribs!

Potatoes and Onions.

Here is Kayla and I.

Matt and I. 


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!! Those chips look really good. Is Matt Kayla's brother?
    Kayla is gorgeous, by the way!

    1. Thanks! yea the onions and potatoes Kayla made! Matt is getting married to one of Kayla's best friends. The four of us hang out a lot.