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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Down but not Out!

     So on Friday evening Kay and I were moving some of Quinns room furniture around.  We adjusted her room to have more space for her to play.  We were almost done when I went down to put her last coaster under her bed leg and BAMB! My back!  It went out!  I can't describe the pain.  It was horrible...  If you ever thew your back out or slipped a disk you know.  Kay ran over and got me up, then I made the mistake of laying down.  I figured I would rest then move on.  I was wrong.  I couldn't move ever inch would just spike my back to a pain beyond the chart level...  So I took some over the counter pain meds we had and iced it a little.  We tried to move me so many ways but I just was in so much pain.  I didn't wanna call 911 because they would have brought me to the ER and that bill along with the Ambo Ride would have been terrible! We knew the Urgent Care could take me b/c I have a friend that works there.

     We both were just stuck, I was laying there and Kay was holding me both just frustrated.  She called my parents who came over to help.  I rolled on my side and my dad held my chest and Kay had my legs.  They sat me up then stood me up.  It was horrible, I put my arm around my Dads neck to lift my spine and relive the pain.  We got down the hall and down the stairs then into Kaylas car.  It took a while for sure and wasn't fun.  The ride over felt like forever but kay drove slowly for me.  We got in and got set.  They checked me out and took some X-Rays got me meds and I was on my way.  Good news is they said my spine is in good shape, it is straight so thats good!  After the weekend I followed up with my Doctor who thinks I did a sprain/strain.  I sprained and strained some muscles and ligaments in my back.  I just have to rest up and do some stretches to keep my back moving the correct way and not get stiff.  So this past week I have been just taking it easy don't worry I didn't leave you!  I just wanted to check in with all my readers.  So thats where I have been!  I hope later this week I can really heal and get over this and back to blogging!

    I have had a busy spring with lifting mulch and even working out so when I am better I will make sure I think about what I do at the gym and how I lift.  Make sure you are lifting properly and remember you can pull your back bending over to pick up a piece of paper!  If you have been overworking.  I do give Kayla so much credit she has helped me so much.  She gets up with me to get me moving and helps with my meds.  She is so amazing and she puts up with me!  Thanks so much Kayla!  So the nest few days will be difficult but I have to push forward.  So remember to take your time and give your body breaks and rest.  I will be blogging soon don't you worry!

Always remember,
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  1. Wow, Chris! I am glad that you are okay! Definitely take a break!

    1. Yea I'm trying! I am also making sure i stretch and move around too. It stinks... I just take it day by day. I will keep you updated! Keep blogging I need to read good stuff while I'm resting! I probably should pick up a book, i'll try!

  2. Chris, yes you should pick up a book! Don't watch TV - read a book! ;)

    1. I know right! I did just get a cute one too from Kayla for our anniversary I will be sure to post about it later this week!