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Friday, June 19, 2015

Leaving Kindergarten Behind...

     Yesterday was such a special day!  Quinn graduated Kindergarten!  (Tech again, they moved school dist. and she now did full day).  So per my last post yes we had a tough night with her Mom but that morning we got up and got her ready.  She looked cute and had a pink dress with a light sweater over the top part.  We took some pictures of Kay and I and Quinn and headed to her bus stop  We got her on the bus and then went and got ready our selves.  As we got to school and got seated my parents and aunt showed as well to see her ceremony.  The kids all came down in a line and got on stage.  They sang some songs and then had a picture slide show all the kids loved and watched.  Then they got up and the principle had each teachers class stand and he talked and congratulated each set. 

     After they went back to their classrooms and the parents were allowed back.  Kay and I said goodbye to my parents and aunt and we headed to Quinn's room.  Her teacher talked a little bit then presented each child with their certificate and asked them what they want to be.  Quinn said she wants to be a teacher.  After we hung out and had some snacks and talked.  Her Mom got a picture of Quinn and I and I got on of the two of them so even after a small disagreement the night before we still know to come together and show we are here for Quinn.  She gave us a hug and I told her how proud I was of her.  I told her I would see her this weekend and to have a great rest of her day!  After Kay and I headed off to work and they day just rolled out...

     A special day for kids when they begin their journey out of Kindergarten.  She will have more challenges and work to do, but she's a good kid and smart, smarter than her Father that is.  I know she will shin...

     So enjoy the end of the school year with your child and remember the moments and enjoy them!  I will upload more pic's soon, below I only have one because that was the one I had ready to upload but I will get the rest on!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Congratulation Quinn!

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