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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Paul & Amanda's Wedding!

     The weekend before Fathers day weekend one of my best friends Paul got married! Like me this is round two.  The real round...  Our other best friend Jim and his fiancé came in from CT over the weekend and made the function as well!  It was great to hang out with both of them again.  I have known them both for pretty much ever.  I moved to my street when I was three, Paul was Two and Jim wasn't born yet.  We always stayed so close growing up and when we got to High school and college we visited and always stayed in contact.  Last year Paul and Amanda, Kayla and I went to visit Jim and Megan.  The trip was over due and we were so excited to go.  We spent the long weekend all hanging out, going shopping and different places and taking lots of pictures.  All our then girlfriends all got to hang out more and get to see how the three of us acted.  It was a great trip and we all bonded.  We all just click so well it's awesome. 

     So when Paul got married we were so excited, we got ready and Quinn even dressed up because she wanted to go and see.  Paul is her godfather and is very involved in her life.  They got married down town off East Ave and then the reception was upstairs in the hotel.  The room was beautiful and had a stunning view of the city.  The ceremony went off perfectly and we took some pictures and had our sitter come get Quinn.  We had a few drinks and talked, had dinner and then did some dancing.  I threw my back out not to long ago but it was feeling better that night.  We just enjoyed the evening and hung out.  We all had such a great time, Kayla and I did some dancing and then we all said out goodbye's.  We took Jim  and Megan home and headed back our selves!   The night was awesome, it was good to see my two closest friends and just have a night out. 

     We wish Paul and Amanda the best!
We love you!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Here we are!

Here we are! Myself, Paul and Jim.  Best friends since the beginning.

Paul and Amanda getting Married!

Quinn and her grandparents!

Here was the reception hall, it was so nice.

First dance.

Here is our group shot, I love our little group.

Megan, Amanda and Kayla.

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