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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

     I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Fathers Day today!  Last night we picked up Quinn and made a special dinner.  Kayla got her and I some Delmonico Steaks!  They are my favorite not the most healthy yes so I really only have one a year.  They are the more fatty of the cuts but they cook so well and yes taste so good!  So we cooked up some potatoes and onions and some veggies and I put our steaks on the grill.  We cooked up Quinn a few Glazier Hot Dogs, they are hot dogs you can get up in Northern NY.  A deep red color and very good and healthier for you.  We all sat down and ate, talked and just enjoyed the our dinner!  After we had a small piece of strawberry shortcake that was light and very good as well.  It is one of our favorites for a light treat.

     After dinner Quinn gave me my gift, she made a candle holder and a nice card for me!  I love it, the picture on the holder was cute and she did some drawings and colorings too.  We then sat down to watch a movie and headed to bed.  Sunday we got up and went to church.  After we relaxed for a bit home and then headed to my parents.  We called Kayla's Dad and talked to him to wish him a happy fathers day and we headed to see my Dad.  My Mom had a brunch for us and we just hung out and talked.  We gave my Dad his cards and gift, my brother and I got him a new drill he needed!  Then some pics and home to rest for a bit.  We had dinner then got Quinn back to her Mom's.  A fast 24 hr pace but we make it work.  Quinn had a great day with us and we loved it because it's always a pleasure to have her.

     I hope everyone celebrated with their kids and saw their Dad!  Dads are very important, they fix all the things we cant.  Then teach us how they did it, give us some money to go out when were young and work hard and long hours while we are home or in bed.  They help raise us, protect us and they do all this behind the scenes.  I knew a few times growing up my Dad would get called in to work in the middle of the night he had to go away here and there but honestly it was the tip.  Dad's will never let their kids know they are tired or that they had to work an extra shift to pay some bills or get some extra things needed.  They never show it in their eyes or will let you hear it in their voice.  Like I never knew fully how hard my Dad did and he did.  Quinn will never know the part time jobs I did the late night hours I work and the hard shifts or things I don't get because we need the money for something else...
     That's our job, we come home and hug them and read to them.  We kiss them goodnight and tuck them in bed.  When they get scared we re-tuck them in  and tell them we just checked the room and its safe.  Dads put their lives on the line and would jump in front of anything that came before their kids, because that's what Dad's do.  They come over in the middle of the night when you call them screaming because water is leaking all over your house and your freaking out!  Then they stay till 3am cleaning up your house and tearing down the area's the water came in and find what is going on!  That's what they do.  They then help you get your home, and then fix it up.  Buying a water tank here, some parts there, they help you tear out your bathroom and fix it up for weeks, just because that's what they do.

     They do all this and so much more, but they do it and never say a word, they don't complain they do it because they love us.  We put our Dads to the test and usually when we call them over for dinner or to come stop by for a drink on a hot day.  We usually say "ohh by the way dad, can you bring your tools and look at something"?  AKA I need something fixed, updated or replaced...  They come over smiling and say ok where am I going.  They never let us know anything of this, but deep down we grow up and do know.  We know how hard they work the cuts, scrapes and bruises they take so we don't them.  I always tell my readers my goal as a Dad is not only to be there but to work hard and not let Quinn see it.  Not come home and complain about my day or how tired I am.  Just to raise her right and show her to work hard in live and be good with her manors and finances.  

     I am honored because my Dad is that Dad, and now I have TWO!  Kayla's Dad has taken me under his wing and come to visit us from 4 hours away.  He brings his tools and never says anything, just smiles and says where am I going?   So Dad's out there with young kids remember when your Dad did all this so when our kids call, we just go over and say "ok whats up?"  I feel extra special because now I updated the house with both Dad's!

You are all Loved

      Always remember...
You are Never alone...

Enjoy the Pics!!!

Here we are! 
Happy Fathers Day!

My Dad and Quinn, he liked the drill but really just seeing his granddaughter was the best part.

My brother and our Pops!

Here we are 3 generations of crazy...

Quick Pic of my rents, Kay, Quinn and I...

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