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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Kids are the best Medicine...

     So over a week ago I pulled my back moving Quinn's room around.  It sucked yes but I got threw it almost, we are almost out of the woods I hope soon!  This past weekend she was so cute, she helped me get up and would lay with me and just watch TV in bed as I rested.  So for my tip this week I want to say when your not feeling well let your kids help you out!  Kids always want to help their parents they want them to be well and feel they can help out Mom or Dad when they are down.  It gives them a sense that they are needed in a time of need and start to know how to care for someone too.

    Quinn would help me up or just with things around the house.  She was really good and understanding when I wasn't feeling well.  She would always ask how I was doing and she loved just laying with us when we were on the bed watching TV and resting.  It can be hard because as adults we just want to do everything our selves and don't want to involve our kids but we should.  Let them feel needed, ask them for help or to help out around the house.  Giving our kids something to do will only help them keep busy and feel productive.  They will feel compassion when you are not well and try to help.  Don't be so quick to push them away.  Let them feel needed and wanted.

     Kids are such a good form of medicine, they make us laugh and feel loved.  When we are sick we sit with them and they help us with what ever we may need.  They love to be our little helpers and will hug us and tell us they hope we feel better.  Quinn did all weekend!  She was such a good helper and was just there for me next to Kayla. 

So you don't really need a tip but just let your kids be there for you when you are sick!  Let them help you and hug you.  Don't feel you need to heal alone and tell them to go and play.  We all have a sense of belonging and wanting to help, let them!  Next time you don't feel well ask your kids to help you out and give them things to do and just be around them, unless your contagious then wait.  However kids are great medicine and they love to be there for you!

Always remember,
You are never alone...



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