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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Happy Anniversary Kayla!!!

     I wanted to wish my love Kayla a very happy anniversary!  Two amazing years today!!!  I cant tell you and the world how happy I am.  We both had some tough roads to get down but here we are in love and getting married.  Kayla has been so amazing to me and Quinn I don't know where I would be without her.  This past week she has been the most caring and patient person ever.  This past week while I was out because of my back she cared for me and made sure I was getting up and taking my meds, moving my back and just being loved.  She has cared for me over the past two years like no other.   Quinn loves Kayla so much she just lights up when we come home and Kayla greets her.  She loves going out and doing things with her or just getting tucked in to bed.  You know you have a keeper when they have not just your heart, but your child's....

     This past weekend we knew our anniversary was coming up but we both were so busy and tired we kinda forgot!  She then came home today with a card and gift!  I was so happy, and sad b/c I couldn't move to get her anything.  The card was so sweet and the book she go me was too.  I'll send some pics soon.  And yes hun I plan on getting you something special!  For now I just wanted to tell you and let the world know I love you so much and the past two years have been amazing.  We have had our good days and bad but always talk when the day is over and make sure we kiss before bed.  She also knows me so well and knows what to do when i get flustered.  I can't ever picture my self with anyone else love and can't wait for more and more years to come!

I love you so much!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


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