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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review 5: Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter


 This month I took the time to review a brand of Peanut Butter I love. Smuckers Peanut Butter, a very natural and orgainc snack.  Peanut Butter I always felt was an America staple.  The good old    PB&J on white or wheat, classic kids lunch!  Putting it on a Bananna or Celery is an all time fav as well!  Peanut Butter is just an amazing food becuase it is packed with good things like protien!
Below are the Nutrition facts, per serving about 2 Tbsp.  7 grams of Protein only 1 Gram of sugar the fat is low and the ratio from total fat to sat fat is also at a good rate.  Total fat is only 16G sat fat uis 2.5. However keep in mind the ingredients are just Peanuts!  Contains 1% or less of salt.  Thats it!

  A product made in the USA which is nice to see Smuckers did a good job giving consumers just plain natural Peanut Butter! 

     I am a big fan of the Smuckers company and just feel they do a good job and give us natual low sugar products.  So often we see foods that are made from anything but.  I can post pages on pages how amazing this product is but keeping it to a point, peanut butter is a great way to snack before a meal.  I try to eat two table spoons before a meal if i feel i will eat to much.  Peanut Butter will help with your hunger so you don't over eat.  This product is so pure when you open it you have to stir the peanut oil into the peanut butter, you don't get more frest that that!  I picked up this product over a year ago and found how much happier I am with a natural peanut butter.  Some you find on the stores are loaded with sugars, salts and other ingredients that can harm us.  So what if the natural peanut butter isnt't sweet enough?

     Well what I do is put honey in it!  I buy honey from my local farm market, made here in my area so they honey is pure and not tampered with.  Then I add it to a new jar of peanut butter!  I gives that sweet taste that is still healthy for you.  Try this some time, I know you will enjoy it!  Pick up some
honey from a local vendor and find a jary of Natural Smuckers Peanut Butter, any style, up to you.

    I will always adivse to be careful kids and people can be very allergic to peanuts so be mindful of others!  I will adivse however to make sure you don't leave this product to long before eating.   You can stir it more and more but I found it can dry out over time.  My daughter loves it and I feel good about giving her a healthy snack packed with protien!

 So next time you are shopping check out Smuckers Peanut Butter, or other products by Smuckers.

     I hope you enjoyed this product please visit the Smuckers website for their details, products and recipes.  Thank you Smuckers for a great product!  I plan on coming back around to this product on a future date!



  1. Great review!! You need to do more food reviews, Chris. ;) Maybe a restaurant review!

    1. Thanks Alisha! Yes i do, I have been meaning to tap deeping into my cooking side. I would love to this summer have more things like that. I do also have a restaurant or two in mind to review too!