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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Soda Stop

     So over the past few weeks I've noticed when I pick up Quinn she has been drinking Soda when I got to get her.  Now that the weather is nicer she is outside.  However she usually has a can by the front step before we go.  She knows better to bring that in my car!  I don't need to clean it up, however we have very little soda in our home, very little.  Yesterday I picked her up and she had a small can of 7-UP her Mom said to bring it with her and she stopped.  She said "Daddy doesn't allow soda in his car" Good girl Quinn I thought. So she took a few more sips and got in. 

     On the way home from her Mom's I asked about her soda "habit" she said her grandmother gives her a can and her Mom too.  So yesterday she had two cans of soda.  They may have been small but its still not the correct number! DUHHHHH 0!!!!  KIDS DON'T NEED SODA! HOLY SHIT HOW EASY IS THIS TO UNDERSTAND!? If you don't read or know English I will put this in any language you need!

     I don't like to swear on my blog but this calls for an occasion.  

     Okay with that said yes we give Quinn a small soda every once in a great while!  Like very special events.  We give her water at every meal and then maybe some juice, juice is no hero either with all the sugar in it.  If you want to give your kids a small treat NP!  I don't know if its every day, Quinn seems to say so but her Mom said yesterday not to worry about leaving the soda, that she couldn't bring the soda in my car and that she has a lot more. That's just great, tell the kid there is a ton of un needed sugar back home.  Best part is, my ex is a health teacher!  Hmm maybe she needs job security so she is giving our kids an unhealthy lifestyle.  Smoking is bad for your, everyone knows it, people that smoke know it, they don't care, there are studies out the ass that prove it.  Guess what, soda is too.  Now I'm not comparing them but yes I am.  I found a blog post from someone who posted about Soda and the harms it causes.  Check it out!  Look over her post and see how damaging it can be. 
Soda Post  
Check it out!
Below are just a few facts as well.
     So I told Quinn going forward if she has Soda at her Mom's on a day I pick her up she will not get dessert after dinner.  I know some may say dessert can be bad.  We usually give her one small cookie, or a few M&M's but that's after we eat a healthy dinner and she eats veggies ever time.  Also something like a cookie is still better than soda.  Desserts still are food that the body uses and contains some things you body can digest and use.  Soda is pretty much sugar water.  I tried to explain to Quinn she doesn't have to drink soda if its offered to her she can say no.  Ask for water or something else.  I hope the days I don't have her she will make the right choices at such a young age its hard. I'd talk to her Mom but that won't work and she won't listen so I'm pretty much on my own...
    Now every once and I while I may even have one, Kayla likes to have one too, some people like the carbonation.  However again this is on special occasions.  In the end it will never go away because there is just to much money  in it, but our kids our suffering.  Many more people and kids are overweight.  Food and drinks have played such a big role, however the first step is to start them young!  Parents give your kids water, fill their container with water every meal so they get used to it.  Then as a small treat give them juice or something.  Maybe a soda when they are older but very special times!  I don't need to go on only because everyone knows the facts!  Be mindful when you are giving your kids something to drink and eat.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them. 

PS you may call it Soda, or Pop or Soda Pop or a Soft drink.  So many names, so many ways it can hurt you.  We should just rename it death drink.
Always remember,
You are never alone...


  1. Chris, you are such a good parent!!! So many people have NO qualms about giving soda to their kids. I personally never drink pop/soda/death drink because I know that it will literally dissolve your bones.
    Dessert isn't all that great either for sure, but a few M and M' or a cookie is way better in my opinion than soda pop!

    1. Thanks Alisha! I may not be #1 Parent of the year but im trying lol. Soda is just so addicting and I just hate looking around and seeing young kids that are growing up drinking big large amounts of it! We try to watch with Quinn but since she comes to two different houses it can be tricky. You want your child to know a treat here and there is ok but sometimes kids can double dip on parents that are divorced... lol tricky tricky..

      There are alternatives like flavored water and different things to, I may do a follow up post on this. I've gotten a lot of good comments. Thanks so much for your support too!!

    2. Haha, know what you mean about two different houses... I have other friends who's kids bounce back and forth and it is *very* tricky!
      Try flavored mineral water. Or juice and water half and half with ice. ;)

  2. Great post. Pop is definitely unhealthy and many people know it... but we still all drink it.

    1. Thank you so much, I know and I drink it to every great while... Its just like I said we see kids drinking by the gulps! Our taste buds, ugh they control us sometimes!! I hope you keep viewing my blog and thanks for the awesome comment!

  3. Very good and very informative post! I agree that pop can be a very deadly substance - you should google that they have found sugar to be as addictive as alcohol and 8 times as addictive as cocaine.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I thought about in my post what to honestly put, truth is my post could be pages long! lol But I did hear that fact. They know what there doing the soda companies, its sad but they know how to market and if you go out to eat soda is almost attached to every meal now. You have to ask for water, or tea or something better for you. Thank you for sharing! Hope to see you more!