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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: The Early Holiday Prep

 So everyone knows the holidays are now approaching, with Thanksgiving past we now get ready for, well there are all different events depending on what you celebrate!  Here ate Parenting 365 we love to share the joy in all of them.  I also don't like how things now are so commercialized.  However a lot of parents will now start getting decorations and yes the little Elves out so their kids and see them and get some list written for Santa, or other holiday magical person.  Here at our house we do the generic elf on the shelf.  That means we didn't spend 40 dollars for the elf, box , DVD and Name.  We just got a less expensive but just as cute Elf we named.  So last year it worked out great, Quinn loved looking around for her, yes we have a female elf.  Again no discriminating here.  I talked to HR and its all good. 

     However with the first of the month now starting here are some tips to start the month off and get your child ready for the _________ (insert religious/holiday theme in line) season!!
Remember if you don't celebrate anything at all you can still be apart of they joy and season!

     1)  Take your elf out and write your child a note from them.  Letting them know they are back and watching!  (If you do the Elf thing)  We think its cute and fun.

     2)  Let your child know that the past 11 months counts as well, they can't just be good for December so you can go back in the books and see.

     3)  Do things like advise them they need to donate toys or some of their stuff.  Since they are getting new things!  We asked Quinn to donate 7 items since she is 7!  She was awesome and actually gave up 8.  We will put them buy our tree for Santa to take!

     4)  Plan things out!  Don't let this month go by and you not have anything to do.  Make sure you have lots to do, this is a fun month and you can do so much before your holiday events!

     5)  Decorate!  Include the family and do it all together.  Now single parents I know you may not have your child on the weekend you may do this.  As it falls we will put up our tree this weekend but we don't have Quinn.  Let them do other stuff like add things to the tree or put up other things around the house to make them feel like they are helping.  Kids love to feel they are helping!

     6)  Make sure your winter gear is out and ready!  We may get snow, well some areas of the world I guess.  However don't be running around looking for snow gear!   Be ready and get out side for a bit to enjoy the weather!

     7)  Watch holiday movies!  I think bonding is great and watching a movie on the couch with your family is one of them.  Take some time to have some holiday specials on or put some of your holiday movies in the player!  This is the best time to watch them and get in the spirit!

8)  Do some cooking and baking!  Make some nice hot homemade meals and do some baking!  Fresh cookies, or other breads is always fun and educational.

9)  Take the time to go around and look at the lights!  Many people around your area are going to be going overboard with lights so go enjoy their craziness!

10)  Enjoy the season!  It only last about a month so take part and just have fun!  Remember after Jan 1 we have a break for a while again so have fun this holiday season and take it in!

From Parenting 365!

I hope the following tips helped always feel free to add some!

Always remember,
You are never alone!



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