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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Cooking Corner is here!

     So as you can see the newest tab has arrived!  The Cooking Corner is now located in the tab next to my reviews!  This tab will feature links to the post I do on cooking!  I decided to post links not the page per it will save on space and allow you to look down all the things we do.

     I hope many will view and even give me some of their ideas!  I will plan on posting things I have cooked from other sites, or ones maybe I think are interesting!  If I do I will give credit where credit is due.  I am excited and as of now yes the tab is empty however I have a lot of post to come and lots of food and drinks to show off!

     I planned on having everything from apps to main dinners, desserts and even a BBQ and smoking section for thinks like meats and ribs!  With this new tab comes new experiences and even am thinking about a kids section to help bring in my parenting section.

    So I hope you all are excited and there is more to come!  This is just the start, if you have something you would me to post or try to make send me an email!

Hope you see in the kitchen!


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